First Year Chemistry – 2020

Engineering Chemistry -Subject Code:18CH12/22
Module-1:Electrochemistry and Energy storage systems.
Module-2: Corrosion and Metal finishing
Module-3:Energy Systems
Module-4: Environmental Pollution and Water Chemistry
Module-5: Instrumental methods of analysis and Nanomaterials

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Basic Electronics -Subject Code:18ELN14
Module-1: Semiconductor Diodes and Applications
Module-2: FET and SCR
Module-3: Operational Amplifiers and Applications
Module-4: BJT Applications, Feedback Amplifiers and Oscillators
Module-5: Digital Electronics Fundamentals

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C Programming for Problem Solving -Subject Code:18CPS13
Module-1: Introduction to computer Hardware and software
Module-2:Managing Input and output operations
Module-3: Arrays
Module-4: User Defined Functions and Recursion
Module-5:  Structure and Pointers, Preprocessor Directives  (RBT Levels : Ll, L2 & L3)

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Elements of Mechanical Engineering -Subject Code:18ME15
Module-1: Sources of Energy, Basic concepts of Thermodynamics, Steam.
Module-2: Boilers, Turbines.
Module-3: Internal Combustion Engines.
Module-4: Properties, Composition and Industrial Applications of engineering materials, Joining Processes: Soldering, Brazing and Welding, Belt drives, Gear drives.
Module-5:  Lathe, Milling Machine.

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