Design of RC Structural Elements (DRCS)- Subject Code:17CV51
Module-1: Introduction to Limit State Design and Serviceability
Module-2: Limit State Analysis of Beams
Module-3: Limit State Design of Beams
Module-4: Limit State Design of Slabs and Stairs
Module-5: Limit State Deign of Columns and Footings

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Analysis of Indeterminate Structures (AIS) - Subject Code:17CV52 & 18CV52

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Applied Geotechnical Engineering (AGE)- Subject Code:17CV53
Module-1: Soil Exploration
Module-2: Stress in Soils
Module-3: Lateral Earth Pressure
Module-4: Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundation
Module-5: Pile Foundations

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Computer Aided Building Planning and Drawing- Subject Code:17CV54
Module-1: Drawing Basics
Module-2: Drawings Related to Different Building Elements
Module-3: Building Drawings

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Air Pollution and Control (APC)- Subject Code:17CV551
Module-1: Introduction
Module-2: Meteorology
Module-3: Sampling
Module-4: Control Techniques
Module-5: Air pollution due to automobiles

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Railways, Harbour, Tunneling and Airports (RHTA) - Subject Code:17CV552
Module-1: Railway Planning
Module-2: Railway Construction and Maintenance
Module-3: Harbour and Tunnel Engineering
Module-4: Airport Planning
Module-5: Airport Design

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Remote Sensing and GIS - Subject Code:17cv563
Module-1: Remote Sensing
Module-2: Remote Sensing Platforms and Sensors
Module-3: Geographic Information System
Module-4: Data Models
Module-5: Integrated Applications of Remote sensing and GIS

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Traffic Engineering - Subject Code:17CV561
Module-1: Traffic Planning and Characteristics
Module-2: Traffic Surveys
Module-3: Traffic Design and Visual Aids
Module-4: Traffic Safety and Environment
Module-5: Traffic Management

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Municipal Wastewater Engineering - Subject Code:18CV55
Module-1: Introduction, Sewer appurtenances.
Module-2: Design of sewers, Waste water characteristics.
Module-3: Treatment of municipal waste water, Disposal of effluents.
Module-4: Biological Treatment Process
Module-5: Advanced Wastewater Treatment, Rural sanitation.

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Environmental Studies - Subject Code:18CIV59
Module-1: Ecosystems, Biodiversity.
Module-2: Advances in Energy Systems, Natural Resource Management .
Module-3: Environmental Pollution, Waste Management & Public Health Aspects.
Module-4: Global Environmental Concerns
Module-5: Latest Developments in Environmental Pollution Mitigation Tools, Field work.

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